Christians Vs The Media

Christians are predominately absent from most popular media. When Christians are represented in the media they are shown with a strong stereotype. In all media Christians have developed their own genera. We have christian channels on TV, radio stations devoted to playing worship music, christian movies and so much more. Even though they have developed their own genera it isn’t very popular and sometimes this genera is hard to find in shops.

The Christian stereotype is well known and used in media a lot. Although the Christian genera isn’t popular the Christian stereotype is regularly used. The teenage girl christian stereotype consists of a well educated girl with a family that never has money troubles. They will wear conservative clothing and always have an immaculate appearance. They will be overly happy to the point of annoyance and always pressure non Christians constantly, to convert. They can be pushy, opinionated, judgemental and self absorbed. They are usually the teaches pet in school and can be snobby towards non Christians. Sometimes they can even be represented as overly emotional.image

The perfect example of the stereotypical Christian girl can be found on the movie Easy A. In this short clip the teenage christian stereotype can clearly be seen. Mary Anne is judgemental, snobby, immaculate in appearance, controlling and these are just some of the things about her character that fit in with the stereotype.


This Christian stereotype doesn’t fit all Christians but I’m sure that once in your life you have encountered this stereotype being brought into real life. In every religion there are a small amount of people that fit these stereotypes and this is to be expected because where else would these stereotypes come from? Our society needs to realise that a few people don’t represent a whole religion. It is unfair and unjust. Why can’t a non stereotypical christian character be represented in media? Something needs to change.


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